Hand & Body Soap Bars

Don't let those synthetics dull your light... get ''Polished'' and let your skin feel the natural difference! 

Restore your shine with Our handcrafted, completely biodegradable soaps that are made with all natural ingredients and extracts of the earth.

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Solid Lotion Bars

Give your skin love that it deserves! Not your average moisturizer, our solid lotion bar uses the warmth of your body to melt natural emollients and essential oils into your skin as it soothes, moisturizes and hydrates. Great for all skin types, but amazing for anyone who suffers from dry skin.

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Moisturizing Lip Butter

Hemp! It does the lips good!

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Solid Bubble Bath

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Fab Fun & Polished LLC


    Every single item we create is unique and wonderfully made just like you! We hand craft all of our small batches in our home with passion to bring a smile to your face and a fresh, natural, luxurious feeling to your skin.


    The best ingredients in life are those already available to use from nature. We use as many of those natural, raw, safe healing ingredients, as possible to love up on the skin your in.


    Safe for you, your skin & the world around you.

    Polished Soap Co. is focused on helping to preserve the environment by reducing plastic waste. We offer all natural, recycleable, biodegratable materials in our products and packaging. We 're against degradation of the environment, the use of dangerous chemicals, and unsustainable farming practices. We use & work with only suppliers that also share & up hold these same core values.