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Here at Polished Soap Co. we believe in using the healing abilities of nature's natural resources. We pride ourselves in formulating and crafting with donkey 🫏 milk & plant 🌱based ingredients to truly help soothe, heal and rejuvenate your skin!

Our bath & body products feel, look and smell out-of-this-world awesome. Every bar of soap, truffle, butter, and steamer has been hand-pressed, hand-poured or hand-crafted in small batches from our home in York, Pennsylvania. Allowing us to provide an experience that’s uniquely special just for you.

Donkey Milk Soap Bars

Donkey milk has a rich creamy lather that's packed with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-aging properties. To help hydrate, soothe and heal some of the driest, most sensitive and reactive skin. Donkey milk gently exfoliates the dead skin cells away while applying tons of nutrients amazingness into your skin. To put it simply

MORE Vitamins + MORE Nutrients + MORE Exfoliation=


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Dream Creams & Body Balms

Give your skin love that it deserves! Not your average moisturizer.. Our solid lotions use the warmth of your body to melt its natural emollients and essential oils into your skin as it soothes, hydrates and heals. Great for all skin types, but amazing for anyone who suffers from dry irritated skin conditions.

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Bath Time Fun!!

Natural & Sudsy fun for even the most sensitive of skins

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Bath & Shower Truffles

A decadent treat for your body filled with skin lovin' milks, butters, hydrating oils, soothing botanicals.

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Shower Steamers

Shower time filled with aromatherapy and wonderful scents!

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Lip Butter

Natural Emollients for buttery soft lips!

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    Every single item we create is unique and wonderfully made. No two soaps are exactly the same. Our family hand crafts our small batches daily in our home. Let our passion bring a smile to your face and a hydrated, clean, luxurious feeling to your skin.


    The best ingredients in life are those already available to us in nature. We use as many of those natural, raw, safe healing ingredients, as possible to love up on the skin you're in.


    Polished Soap Co. is passionate about creating ways to protect & preserve your skin and the world we live in! All our products are made with natural ingredients that are responsibly and sustainably resourced with in the US. Then we wrap our creations with care in plant based biodegradable, reusable and recyclable packaging.